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Lula announces the complete list of ministers


President-elect Luis Inácio Lula da Silva announced this Thursday (29), the complete list of his future ministers with Marina and Tebet.

President-elect Luis Inácio Lula da Silva announced on Thursday (29), the complete list of his future ministers. Three days before the inauguration, the president-elect closed the list of 37 ministries that will make up the new government.

Among the 16 names announced today, there were some surprises, besides the expected ones, such as Senator Simone Tebet (MDB-MS) for Planning and Budget and Marina Silva for the Environment. The “Centrão” (core party) will also be present in the future government with MDB, PSD and União Brasil.

Lula has dedicated the last week to finalizing the ministerial composition of his government. With a broad front around his name in the election, the future president also had to include the so-called “parliamentary quotas” in his government, to facilitate the relationship with Congress. In total, there will be nine parties represented that, together, will represent 262 deputies (51%) in the House of Representatives. In the Senate, the groups respond for 45 senators (55%), but not all of them will support the government.

Among the 37 names, Lula will have 11 women as heads of government portfolios, the previous record being Dilma Rousseff’s, with 10 women ministers.

Check out the list released today:

  • Ministry of Indigenous Peoples – Sonia Guajajara (PSOL)

From the Indigenous Land  called Araribóia, in Maranhão, graduated in letters and nursing, post-graduated in Special Education and federal deputy. She was coordinator of the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil and candidate for vice-president in 2018 for PSOL.

  • Minister of Communications – Juscelino Filho (União Brasil)

Federal Congressman for Maranhão going for his 3rd term.

  • Ministry of Cities – Jader Filho (MDB)

Businessman and president of the MDB of Pará.

  • Ministry of Planning – Simone Tebet (MDB)

Former mayor of Três Lagoas, senator, former MDB presidential candidate.

  • Minister of Social Security – Carlos Lupi (PDT)

He was Federal Congressman, Minister of Labor in Lula and Dilma’s administrations, and is president of PDT.

  • Ministry of Agricultural Development – Paulo Teixeira (PT)

Federal Congressman going for his fourth term, vice-president of PT and former Secretary of Transportation of the city of São Paulo.

  • Ministry of Transportation – Renan Filho (MDB)

He was mayor of Murici for two terms, federal deputy, governor for two terms and elected senator of the Republic. Today he is a large rural producer. He was vice-president of Aprosoja, vice-governor of Mato Grosso, and is now Senator for the same state.


  • Secretariat of Communication – Paulo Pimenta (PT)

With a degree in Social Communication and Journalism, he was councilman in Santa Maria, state deputy in Rio Grande do Sul, and is a Federal Deputy going for his 5th term.

  • Ministry of Tourism – Daniela do Waguinho (União Brasil)

Former Secretary of Social Assistance and Citizenship of Belford Roxo and going for her second term as Federal Deputy, as the most voted deputy of Rio de Janeiro.

  • Ministry of National Integration – Waldez Góes (PDT)

He was deputy and is, for the fourth time, governor of Amapá.

  • Ministry of Fishing and Aquaculture – André de Paula (PSD)

From Pernambuco, he was councilman, state deputy, several times federal deputy, and state secretary of Labor and Social Action, Rural Production and Agrarian Reform, and Cities in Pernambuco.

  • Institutional Security Cabinet – General Gonçalves Dias

Retired general, headed the President’s security during Lula’s first two terms in office, former commander of the 6th Military Region.


  • Ministry of Sports – Ana Moser

Former volleyball player, founder of the Instituto Esporte e Educação, she worked for the National Athletes’ Commission of the National Sports Council. She took part in the Government Plan and in the Transition Group in the Sports area.

Here are the ministers of the Lula government that had already been announced:

  • Secretariat of Institutional Relations – Alexandre Padilha (PT)
  • General Secretary – Márcio Macêdo (PT)
  • Advocacy-General of the Union – Jorge Messias
  • Office of the Comptroller General – Vinicius Carvalho
  • Ministry of Social Development, Assistance, Family and Fight Against Hunger – Wellington Dias (PT)
  • Ministry of Health – Nísia Trindade
  • Ministry of Education – Camilo Santana (PT)
  • Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services – Esther Dweck
  • Ministry of Ports and Airports – Márcio França (PSB)
  • Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – Luciana Santos (PCdoB)
  • Ministry of Women – Cida Gonçalves
  • Ministry of Culture – Margareth Menezes
  • Ministry of Labor and Employment – Luiz Marinho (PT)
  • Ministry of Racial Equality – Anielle Franco
  • Ministry of Human Rights – Silvio Almeida
  • Minister of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services – Geraldo Alckmin (PSB)
  • Minister of Finance – Fernando Haddad (PT)
  • Justice and Public Safety – Flávio Dino (PSB)
  • Minister of Defense – José Múcio Monteiro
  • Minister of Foreign Relations – Mauro Vieira
  • Civil House – Rui Costa (PT)

Translated by Débora Camargo

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